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The Newsletter of the Lee County Archers


February 2021

Well, we are off to a new year. The club and range are recovering well from the trial and tribulations of last year. Attendance is picking up and we are settling in to an active shooting schedule.

Last year while shooting was slow, we rebuilt the ramp and landing to the bathrooms. I want give a big thank you to Tim Fisher and Pat Hunt for the great job they did on it.  It is now ADA compliant and much more accessible for our handicap members.

Tim Fisher and Bill Ziegler installed racks and shelfing in both our container and trailer for the storage of our 3D animals. This will prevent any undue damage to the animals.

New stairs were installed on our split-level tree stand by Tim Fisher and Pat Hunt and they did an awesome job. Thank You guys.

As everyone knows we held club elections for officers and board members in January. This year we sent out the ballots via email as opposed to mailing them USPS. With the number of members now the cost for mailing is very expensive (over $500.00) and I would much rather put that money back into club improvements.

Our new board for 2021/2022

Pres: Chick Richards, VP: Mike Ball, Sec: Linda Noviello, Tres: Erich Fallisch.

Board Members: Ben Brown, Jerry Bruce Jr., Jon Coleman, Scott Richards, Tim Fisher, Tim Walker (and appointed to the board by the new board) Mike Phillips and Ralph Galatz.

Michelle Stahl is stepping down as Sec/Tres so she can spend more time with grand kids and pursue other interests. Michelle has been sec/tres for a long time and has done an outstanding job of keeping the club running. Some of the many jobs she did was keeping our insurance current, keeping the club memberships in NFAA current, and dealt with the state to keep our business records up to date, not to mention all the work she did keeping club records, bank account and balance sheets up to date. THANK YOU, MICHELLE,

Welcome New Board.

I want to thank Linda Noviello for the awesome job she is doing keeping our restrooms clean and stocked with supplies, as well as cleaning the pavilion and sanitizing the tables at least weekly.

Ralph Galatz has volunteered to manage the kitchen and bow room. Ralph’s wife Sue has taken on the task of preparing the meals for our shoots and she is doing an awesome job!

Tim Fisher has taken on the daunting task of managing the workshop and Mike Phillips will do the mowing, keeping our range well-manicured.

New projects for this year will be to get our big tree stand back in service. Tim Fisher and Pat Hunt are working diligently to get that completed.

We rerouted our “Cemetery” range and gave it a whole new look. Thank you Bill Ziegler and Don Finney for your hard work and diligence getting that done. This course is the most used course on the range. As you shoot through the cemetery please be mindful of the vegetation. The vegetation is what makes shooting it enjoyable so please do not trample, break or remove the vegetation if at all possible, otherwise we might just as well shoot the field course.

The club will be holding the NFAA International Shoot April 17 & 18. Tim Walker will be organizing the event so if you would like to learn more about the shoot you can talk to him at the range most any morning. Members that would like to volunteer their time to help Tim with the shoot would be greatly welcome. Contact Tim or me at any time.

Any member that would like to volunteer their time, effort and skill throughout the year can contact any board member at any time.  We always welcome help setting up the range for our Sunday shoots, paste targets, rebuild target butts etc.

Thank you to all our members. You are the reason we have this club and the reason we keep it as well maintained as it is.