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The Newsletter of the Lee County Archers

April 2019 Newsletter

The club held it’s first NFAA American 900 since the watershed project started. We were able to set up 4 targets on our FITA range. It was a little tight and we had to run an A & B line, but it didn’t take any longer than our previous 900 shoots when they were held up front. We had eleven archers attend this shoot. Hopefully we will be able to increase our attendance at the next shoot. The club intends to hold our 900 shoot monthly on our FITA range until we can move the venue back to the front of the park after the construction is complete.

On Saturday, April 20th we hosted an ASA Qualifier. We had a really good turnout for the day before Easter. We had 48 shooters participate in the qualifier. Flo Gleason brought a number of youths from her S3DA program in Jacksonville. Everyone had a good time, the food was great. Justin Lang made smoked pork loin, coleslaw and potato salad, thank you Justin. We want to thank everyone who helped set up and tear down the range, staff the event and did all the little things that make for a successful event.

The Watershed Project is moving right along despite the inconvenience it is causing. The board really appreciates everyone’s patience and understanding during this project.

Members in the news:
Emma Rose Ravish recently traveled to the Arizona Cup to get certified as a Para Archer. While there, she was invited to be part of the USA Para team. They will be travelling to the Netherlands next month, to compete for a spot on the USA Paralympics team in 2020.
Rick Dubrueler traveled to South Africa last October to compete with the NFAA team in the World Field Archery Championships in Potchefstroom, South Africa. Rick finished first individually in his class and set two new South African records.
On May 3-5 Bill Ziegler, Tim Fisher and I will be traveling to Tennessee to attend the Tennessee Classic Traditional Archery event. While we are up there we will be purchasing 3 Big Blob targets for use on our 20 yard range.

Chick Richards
Lee County Archers Inc.

February 2019 Newsletter

In January we held our first ASA Qualifier for 2019 and because of the hard work by the members who spent the week before the event getting the range ready and helped put everything together this qualifier was a great success. The weather was good, the food was great and the participants were awesome. Thank you for helping make it a success, Bill Ziegler, Mike Ball, Scott Richards, Bongo McGraw, Joe Simone, Herb Metz, Emery Drew, Monica Drew, Jimmy Heavy, Roger Fahrner, Tim Fisher, Tim Gross, Kurtis Galbraith, Bob Lincoln, Craig Warmington, Jerry Bruce, Jim Ogden, Liza & Dave Gorski, Michelle Stahl, Ben Brown, John Lackey, Lonnie Nelligan, and Wayne Carver.

We will be hosting our next ASA Qualifier April 20th, the day before Easter, and I know it will be as great a success as this one was.

On February 2nd we hosted the Florida Senior Games (American 900 round) at the North Fort Myers Recreational Center. The Florida Senior Games are sponsored in Lee County by Lee County Parkes and Recreation. Seventeen archers participated in this event, aged 55 to 84 years old. The Senior Games are held every February in Lee County. We invite all eligible members to participate 2020.

There will be a Board of Directors meeting at the pavilion on Saturday, February 16th. An agenda will be posted separately.

There will be work part at the range on Saturday, February 16th to catch up on some much needed maintenance. This work day is open to all who would like to come out and help us keep the range in a safe and well-maintained state so everyone continues to have a safe and pleasant place to shoot. We will start between 7:30 –8:00 am and usually finishes up around noon. We will be serving snacks, drinks and some sort of lunch. Looking forward to seeing you there.

As you all know, we are having a slight interruption of our range by the county’s water retention project. The logging operation has been completed. The ditch that runs through our range has been cleaned out and new culvert pipe will soon be installed under our roadway just before the pavilion. Have patience, this minor annoyance will soon be over and we will be able to get back to normal.

February 8-10 six of us attended the T.A.S. (Traditional Archery Society) Southeastern Regional Traditional Bowhunters Regional Championship Qualifier in Jacksonville, Fl. March 1-3 about a dozen of us will be going to TBOF(Traditional Bowhunters of Florida) State Rendezvous in Silver Springs, Fl. May 3-5 some of us will be going to the Tennessee Classic in Clarksville, Tn.
On Sunday, February 17th the club will be hosting our monthly 3D shoot. Bring your friends and family and lets have a good time.

Chick Richards   President    Lee County Archers


January 2019 Newsletter

Well, it’s that time again for the changing of the guard.  Every two years the Lee County Archers get together and elect Officers and Directors at Large.  This election cycle it is my great honor and privilege to be elected president of the Lee County Archers.  I would like to take a minute to thank each and everyone that took part in the election process and elected the new Board of Directors.  I know I will have some beg shoes to fill.  Bill kept the club running like a Swiss Watch.  I know it will take some time to get up to speed, but I also know with the support of the membership and the incoming Board of Directors we can continue to keep The Lee County Archers on of the premier archery clubs in Florida.

Mike Ball is Vice President.  Mike is a well known and respected figure at the range.  He does an outstanding job keeping our 3D program alive and well, as well as making it fun and interesting.

Michelle Stahl, the Key Stone that keeps the club running smoothly administratively, has been reelected as secretary/treasurer.  She works tirelessly keeping the checking account, bookkeeping, and all the other mundane paperwork that’s required to keep our club humming along day to day.  Than You Michelle.

Directors at Large are as follows.

Joe Simone, Roger Fahrner, Jon Coleman, Jerry Bruce Jr., Ben Brown and Tim Fisher.  You have elected a great group of Directors at Large who will be focused on making sure you have as many fun and interesting shoots and events as they can accommodate.

Some of the projects the board will be addressing this year:  Putting on at least two ASA Qualifier Shoots, January 19, 2019 and April 20, 2019, re instituting the Club Championship, getting back to mike’s week day mini (10-11 animal) 3D shoot and a weekly indoor league, just to name a few.  We are also going to look into bringing in some state shoots as well.  Maybe even a Rinehart 100 or Stickbow.  With that being said, the board loos forward to any and all input on shoots and/or improvements the membership would like to see, as well as any help you can give to the board to make our club and the club shoots the best they can be.

By now everybody is aware of the County water retention project which will impact our range this year.  All our activities will have to be approached with that in mind.  Hopefully when the water project is complete it will not have impacted our range too much.

 Currently there will be a site survey and silt fence installed and Turesday (01/15) and Wednesday (01/16).  The range will be closed down on Tuesday and very limited range availability on Wednesday.  Land clearing will begin 01/17 through 01/25 (excluding weekends).

The board wants to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this project.  I will post all the information the board receives from the contractors regarding the project so that everyone can be aware of the progress.  Unfortunately, we sometimes receive our information at the last minute and as such, things like club closures and adjustment in shooting times and days may not get posted until the last minute, so I will apologize in advance.

Chick Richards   President    Lee County Archers