Safety Rules & Regulations

Range Safety Rules

1. All non-members and guests must be accompanied by a club member when outside the pavilion area. All nonmembers and guests must sign the waiver form on every visit. The waiver forms are located on a clipboard on the center post in the pavilion, next to the sign in sheet.

2. Children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times. Parents or guardians must remain with the child at all times. If the parent leaves the area the child must leave also.

3. All members; non-members, and guests must wear the appropriate name tag when on the LCA facility. If you are found without proper identification you may be asked to leave.

4. All new members must be cleared through the safety and shooting program by the board or the safety officer before being permitted on the range.

5. Traveling correctly on all paths and trails is imperative. Adhere to the walk back or walk through pattern of each course. Follow the designated paths for 3D. This is mandatory, if you walk randomly through the course, creating a safety concern, you may be asked to leave.

6. Only shoot at designated targets. No stump shooting.

7. When shooting on the ground only draw your bow horizontal to the ground. Never sky your bow!! When in a tree stand point your arrow at the target and draw back with your arrow in line with the target, not horizontal with the ground. A misfire may result in an arrow leaving the property or traveling into a restricted area.

8. When pulling arrows, no one should stand directly behind the arrow. This may result in an injury when the shaft is pulled from the target.

9. Do not look for lost arrows during a shoot. Write the target number on your scorecard and retrieve the arrow later. If it’s not a shoot day make sure you post someone at the target or block the target so another shooter does not shoot at the target.

10. When shooting in the pavilions or areas with multiple shooters, be courteous and limit your shots to a maximum of six arrows.

11. When multiple shooters are shooting, when all shooters are behind the line one shooter should declare, “line is hot”, when shooting is complete, the shooter should declare “clear” to signal it is safe to pull arrows.

12. Broadheads may only be shot and carried to the broadhead pit, they are not allowed on the range. Carrying broadheads on the field range may result in membership termination from the club.

Lee County Board of Directors        Posted 10/4/2015

Regulations & Procedures

1. All members are asked to do their share of work to help in maintaining a first class club.

2. All members are expected to stay current with any changes to procedures, rules and regulations of this club. They will be posted in the pavilion and on the website.

3. Becoming a member of the Lee County Archers is a privilege; if a member’s conduct is unprofessional, abusive or unsafe the board has the authority to immediately terminate their membership.

4. Every shooter on this range is a designated safety officer and is expected to act as such. Please bring any potential unsafe situation to the shooters attention or report it to a board member or the safety officer. If you are involved in a situation do not become abusive or combative accept it as constructive input. This is for the safety of the club.

5. Littering including discarding cigarette butts is not allowed. Please pick up fletch, nocks, broken arrows and target debris. This material does not breakdown and soon becomes an eyesore.

6. Club hours are approximately 5:00 am to 10:00 pm seven days a week. The club hours may be changed at the board’s discretion.

7. During work parties the range may be partially closed. Check with the board member in charge for instruction on safe areas to shoot.

8. Everyone entering the LCA facility must sign in every day. Families must mark their total headcount after their name.

9. It is expected after (3) visits a guest joins the club, except on open day Thursday 10:00 am till 2:00 pm or on a scheduled shoot day.

10. Members entering the facility must correctly lock the gates. The board only, has the authority to keep the front gate open. The first member in will open the main gate at the road and relock the gate. The inner gate can be unlocked by the first member in and kept unlocked all day. The last member out must shut off all fans and lights and lock all gates when leaving. If you are unsure if you will be the last one out lock all gates. The inner gate lock should be relocked to the chain to avoid falling on the ground or having someone remove it.

11. Crossbows are not allowed on the range.

12. Proper dress is required.

13. When driving in the park please watch for shooters entering the driveway.

13. Hunting in the park is prohibited.

14. Alcohol is not allowed in the park.

15. Dogs are not allowed in the park.

16. This is a family facility, profanity is not allowed

Lee County Board of Directors        Posted 10/4/2015