By Laws

The By-Laws of
Lee County Archers, Inc.

A Not for Profit Florida Corporation

(Adopted 09/03) (Amended 02/13) (Amended 09/16)


Section 1. – The principle place of activity of the Corporation shall be located in Lee County, Florida or such place as the Board of Directors may at anytime delegate.


Section 1. – The objectives of this Corporation are:

A.   To comply with all Federal, State and Local Laws.

B.   To support the goals and maintain membership in the NFAA and FAA.

C.   Conduct archery competitions in accordance with FAA rules.

To solicit and offer inclusive membership to all archers who seek membership. All potential members must agree to adhere to the rules and regulations and demonstrate safe archery practices.

E.   To provide archery instruction to all archers who request this knowledge.

F.   To provide a social forum and practice site for all archer members. 


Section 1.

A. Anyone 18 years and older is eligible for an adult membership and may hold an office in the Corporation.

B.  There are two (2) categories of membership.
1. Individual Membership – spouse and household members under the age of 18
2. Life Membership (DISCONTINUED)

C.  The annual cost of membership will be set by the Board of Directors.

D. The period of membership runs from August 1st to July 31st, annually. All first time new members joining during the year will be prorated according to the following schedule.

New members signing up in February, March and April will be one /half the yearly memberships.

 Last three months dues may be added with full membership dues to provide membership through the following year.   May, June and July are included in first time yearly membership.

Section 2.

A.   Application for membership- The Board of Directors will design a membership application form which be used by new prospects for club membership. The application will contain an agreement to abide by the Articles of Incorporation, the By-Laws and any further rules adopted by the Board of Directors. This application will also include an agreement by the applicant to release the Corporation, Board of Directors and Lee County Commissioners from any liability resulting from negligence of another member or non member or from any liability arising from any activity or ownership interest.

B. The prospective member must submit their application for membership, in writing, with their membership fee, to any member of the Board of Director for approval. The Board member receiving the application must review the Rules and Regulations, Procedures and conduct a safety tour during the application process. The new member must demonstrate a competent level of archery knowledge and shooting skill. If not further training is required. The Board member will approve the application and pass the application on to the Secretary so that their membership may be added to the Club’s roster. The gate combination will be issued to the new member at the
time of payment.

Section 3.  Suspension, Termination and Reinstatement shall be accomplished in the following manner.

A.  Any member, whose dues are not paid in full within two (2) months after they become due, will be dropped from active membership.

B.  Any member may be expelled from this Corporation for failure to follow the “Range Rules” (or any other rule adopted by the Board of Directors): failure to follow the Corporations By-Laws, or for conviction for violation of any Game Law.

C.  It will require a 2/3 vote of the duly constituted meeting of the Board of Directors to reinstate any member who has been expelled from the Corporation by the action of the Board of Directors.

Section 4.  Membership Meetings

A.     The Bi-Annual meeting to hold Corporation Board of Directors election, will be held the second week in every other January, during odd years.

B.     Special meetings of the membership may be called by the President, the Board of Directors, or by petition in writing of 10 percent of the general membership.

C.     Regardless of the type of meeting, the location, date and hour must be made known to the membership at least three days in advance. Posted at the range and website.

D.     The conduct of general membership and Board of Directors meeting in this Corporation will be governed by the rules set forth in “Roberts Rules of Order”, revised and latest edition.


Section 1.

A. Dues and initiation fees are to be determined by the Board of Directors.

B.  All dues and fees are due and payable prior to the last day of July each year.

C.  Any member who has a past due account shall have all voting rights automatically suspended as of the due date until full payment is received by the Corporation.

D.   Membership dues nor any fees cannot be waived for anyone in the Corporation.


Section 1.

 The Governing body of this Corporation is the Board of Directors. The board of Directors consists of The President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer (known as the “Officers”), and Six Directors at Large. To qualify for election as an officer of this Corporation, a contestant must have been a member of this corporation for a full of two years preceding the election. The President will be the Chairman of the Board. The Board of Directors formulates policy for the Corporation and will keep the general membership informed of their decisions. These positions have a two year term, and are elected from and by the general membership at a general election held every two years. All Officers and Directors will have a two (2) year term and all positions will be open for contest. Positions such as Score Keeper and Range Captain will be appointed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. In addition the Board of Directors
create job descriptions for all task oriented positions and for the Board of Directors to be created and appended to these By-Laws.

Section 2.

Any Director can be removed for cause by a 2/3rds vote of the general membership. A quorum must be present, including proxies.

Section 3.

A vacancy occurring on the Board of Directors for any reason will be filled by appointment by a majority of the remaining Directors at their next meeting. The appointee will serve until the next regular election.

Section 4.

Regular meetings of the Board of Directors should be held as called by the President. Boards of Directors are open to all members.

Section 5.

Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President or in writing by two board members.



Section 1.

The following Officers will be elected for a two year term by the general membership. The election will be held at the bi-annual general. meeting held in January during every odd year.

A.  A President, who shall act as Chief Executive Officer for the Corporation. He shall preside over all Board of Director meetings, and all general membership meetings.

(1).  The President will manage the content, production and distribution of the Corporation Newsletter. The News letter is. the “Glue” in maintaining an informed membership.

B. A Vice President, who shall, in the absence of the President or upon his direction, perform all duties of the President.

(1). Shall be responsible for all course SAFETY including required safety inspections and procuring Corporate Liability Insurance.

(2)  Shall be responsible for announcing and directing all work parties and course preparation for all shoots.

C.   Secretary/Treasurer will:

(1). Shall keep a formal record of all corporate proceedings, general membership, and Board of Director and Special Committee meetings.

(2). Shall be responsible for all correspondence and distribution of all flyers including the Corporate Newsletter.

(3). Shall maintain the current membership role for the use by the Corporation, and issue member cards to new members.

(4).  Account to the Board of Directors for all monies received and disbursed by the Corporation. He/She shall submit a quarterly report, in writing, to the Board of Directors for their approval, and a posted report semi annually in the Corporate Newsletter for the benefit of the membership.

(5).  Shall maintain a Corporate checking account, depositing all receipts, and recording disbursements by using the checking account.


Section 1.
These BY-LAWS may only be amended by a 2/3rds of the majority of the general membership at its annual January meeting. The Board of Directors may amend these BY-LAWS at any of their meetings with an agreement with any six Board members.

Section 2.
The BY-LAWS are readily available to any member via a posting on our website.


Section 1.
The voting privilege is described as follows: A. At general membership meetings, only members in good standings will have the right to vote. B. at Board of Director meetings, only Board Members will have the right to vote.

Section 2.
Any Member entitled to vote, may by written instrument, bearing a date no more than 30 days in advance of said meeting designate another corporate member to vote for him, in his place and stead. This is termed registering a “proxy”.

Section 3.
A quorum shall exist whenever there is at least fifty percent of the total membership of anybody present.

Section 4.
A majority vote on any measure by the Board of Directors or general membership shall be by a majority of those present (which constitutes a quorum), unless otherwise provided.

Section 5.
In the case of voting in general elections, the membership may vote in absentia. The approved election ballot must be returned to the Corporation by the beginning of the annual meeting.


Section 1.
Work and target parties will be scheduled by the Vice President. All members are encouraged to participate; however, participation is strictly on a volunteer basis.
If there is insufficient support or manpower, the Corporation has the authority to raise dues and sublet the work.

Section 2.
An Officer or Director of the Corporation must be present at all work and target parties to supervise the efforts of the participants. If necessary, due to safety concerns, the presiding officer may close portions of the range to general use while work is in progress. When work is completed and it is safe, the presiding Officer will open the range.


Section 1.
All grievances must be submitted in writing to a Director of the Corporation. The matter will be taken up and resolved at the next Board of Directors meeting. Any matter previously resolved by a Range Captain may be revisited and overturned by a 2/3rd vote of the Board.

Section 2.
Grievance resolution will be made known to the complainant, in writing.

Section 3.
Any grievance concerning a Board Member will be presented, in writing, to any Officer for disposition.


Section 1.
The Board of Directors will establish a fee schedule for all Corporation shoots.

Section 2.
The Board of Directors will schedule at least one invitational shoot and if possible one two day shoot annually.

Section 3.
The Board of Directors will establish procedures for orderly running all events. They will include sign up time, scoring rules, group sizes, rotation and other rules.



Section 1.
Members are responsible to furnish the Secretary with their current address, email and phone number, to be used for any club correspondence, such as membership renewals.