Membership Signup Forms

The Club provides on line forms for registration. Both pages of the registration must be filled out. The forms must be “hand carried” to the club for processing. The reason is new members must go through safety training as well as a tour of the range and have their equipment and shooting ability evaluated. If there is a concern the club will provide additional training to ensure an individual is safe to go out on the range. A temporary name tag will then be issued. In July of each year a mailing will be sent out for signups for the next year. The yearly membership is $120 which includes family members under 18 years old.
Also included is a form to sign up for NFAA, National Field Archers Association. This is not a club requirement but if you are considering competing at a state or national shoot you must be a member of this organization. The NFAA provides guidelines and standards for most of our archery competition. They also provide our Club insurance. It is important that we keep this membership active


Lee County Archers Association Waiver & Release
Membership Application

National Field Archery Association (NFAA)
Membership Application