I played baseball for most of my life and was fortunate enough to make it to the collegiate level. I’ve always been extremely competitive and had a strong desire to be the best at what I do. So when an injury in 2019 took me off the baseball diamond I was quickly searching for something else I could do to stay competitive.

I remembered my dad had bought me a bow for Christmas years ago that I probably shot once or twice. And I decided with all this extra time I was going to learn how to shoot properly so I could get in the woods and hunt. That bow was far too small for me now. I quickly had to buy one that fit. I had no idea competition archery even existed until I came to Lee County Archers. I came to the club expecting there to be a few targets I could practice with for hunting, but soon found out there was a whole side of archery that I never knew about. Competition archery was exactly what I needed to scratch my competitive itch.


I bought my first target bow in 2021 and picked up on the sport really quick with the help of some of the great members of the club. I quickly excelled and within my first two years I became a fully sponsored shooter traveling the country shooting the ASA Pro/Am circuit. My second year shooting a bow I was the Florida 3D circuit K-40 shooter of the year and state champion. After winning a national Pro/Am in Metropolis Illinois I had won out of K-40 at the state and national level, forcing me to move up a class. After moving up to K-45 I won the Florida ASA state championship. I decided I was going to compete at the max yardage and moved up to K-50 where I’ll stay until I’m forced to shoot in the Pro Class.


‘22 Florida 3D circuit K-40 state champion
‘22 Florida 3D circuit K-40 shooter of the year
‘22 Florida ASA K-45 state champion
‘22 Metropolis ASA Pro/Am K-40 champion
‘23 Florida ASA K-50 state runner up

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