A beautiful day for Mike’s 3D Tournament today, 3/17/24 at LCA. We had a big turnout including some Lekatchka Archers who will be holding their 3D tournament next Sunday, 3/24/24 in Nokomis. Thanks to LCA President Robert Chick Richards and all members who worked very hard to set up this great range.

Here are a few pics and scores from today.

  • Compound: 1st Preston Moore – 504
  • Traditional: 1st Wayne Carver – 404
  • Longbow/Wood arrows: 1st John Burt- 332
Compound Debbie Phillips
Mike Phillips 460 (2nd place)
Sam C. 433
Jay H.  441 (1st place)
Theresa M.  344
Preston M.  504 (1st place)
Jerry M. 431
Traditional Ralph G.
Linda N.  294
Tim Gross 
Laurie Dougherty 229
Rich Erschik 244
Rick Grooms 223
Luis Malta 186
John Lackey 320
Jim W.  225
Kurtis G.  359 (3rd place)
Gene T.  276
Ron S.  266
Erich F.  364 (2nd place)
Bob L.  327
Stephen M.  330
Bill Sw 316
Wayne C. 404 (1st place)
Bill Z.  324
Micah S. 202
Brandon S.  192
Long Bows Wood Arrows John B.  332 (1st place)
Alexi  198
Tom M.  279
Click on images below to enlarge and view gallery.