Many compliments on range setup for Mike’s 3D at LCA today, 4/21/24. Thanks to all who worked hard to make this tournament possible. 30 archers including Chris S. and Linda P. from Highlands Bowhunters Archery Club and Bob B. from Sarasota Florida Archers came to compete.

Club President Robert Chick Richards made sure we all had plenty of tasty Publix fried chicken, potato salad and cookies for lunch.

Here are a few pics and scores from today.

  • Compound: 1st Jay H – 457
  • Traditional: 1st Wayne Carver – 409
  • Longbow/Wood arrows: 1st Bill Z- 294
Bob B 321
Sam C. 412
Mike L. 419
Jay H. 344
Preston M. 457 (1st place)
Pat H. 365
Mike Ph. 451 (2nd place)
Debbie Ph. 384
Jerry M. 427 (3rd place)
Michelle S. 377
Traditional Linda N. 288
Erich F. 361 (2nd place)
Tim G. 307
Beth R. 115
Richard E. 263
Rick M. 289
Jim W. 259
Brandon S. 233
Jordan M. 187
Wayne C. 409 (1st place)
Stephen M. 312
Bob N. 251
Bill S. 315
Ralph G. 280
Kurtis G. 335 (3rd place)
Linda P. 324
Chris S. 303
Long Bows Wood Arrows Bill Z. 294 (1st place)
Tom M. 255 (2nd place)
Chick R.
Youth Dominick 348
Click on images below to enlarge and view gallery.