Mike’s 3D shoot today 1/21/24 at LCA. Club President Robert Chick Richards layed out a great setup on the only dry shooting lanes available. Thanks to all who competed today including some shooters new to the 3D format.  It was a very cold day with temperatures in the 40’s!

A big Thankyou to all who worked hard to setup the range and also those who work behind the scenes to clean, repair and maintain our very large archery club.

Compound Mike Phillips 402 (1st place)
Dan Amaroso 304
Jerry Marsh 379 (2nd place)
Craig Warmington
Mike Dierdorf 306
Chuck Fritz 352 (3rd place)
Felix Nasco 330
Traditional Erich Fallisch 337 (2nd place)
Linda N 293
John Wiehe 303
Mike Barkman 300
Bill Ziegler 312
Wayne Carver 382 (1st place)
Tim Gross 248
Ralph Galatz 276
Linda Payne 269
Chris Savage 319 (3rd place)
Brandon Sammons 238
Jordan Mullany 175
Dennis Dunn 268
Youth Dominick 319
Jackson 247
Andrew 119
Long Bow – Wood Arrows Chick Richards 256
John Comito 238
Tom Mullany 257 (2nd place)
Dennis Dunn 268 (1st place)
Bare Bow Bill Swope 360
Kurtis Galbraith 316
Click on images below to enlarge and view gallery.