Minutes & Agenda


Chick called order at 12 noon on January 24, 2021

Present:  Chick Richards/Bill Ziegler/Tim Fisher/Scott Richards/Ben Brown/Jon Coleman/Ralph Galatz/
Linda Noviello/ 
Erich Fallisch/Mike Phillips

Absent:  Mike Ball/Tim Walker/Jerry Bruce

Guest:  Beth Lablanc

-Chick Richards read the January 10, 2021 minutes.

-Club purchased Targets & 3D animals’

-Club will be purchasing a new golf cart, will keep old one for backup

-Badges were discussed/leather arrow shape with an ink stamp pad to put members name on them.

-Discussion on number of badges for family membership

-Chick Richards motioned to add Mike Phillips and Ralph Galatz to the Board

Scott Richards motioned to add Mike Phillips and Ralph Galatz, Jon Coleman second, passed

Executive Changes

-Michelle Stahl is stepping down

_Bill Ziegler accepts Michelle’s resignation/Tim Fisher motion to remove Michelle Stahi, Scott Richards second

Michelle Stahl relieved of Secretary and Treasury duties

-Chick Richards motioned to replace secretary to Linda Noviello, treasury duties to Erich Fallisch

Scott Richards/Jon Coleman/Bill Ziegler accept, passed

-Erich Fallisch and Linda Noviello to contact Michelle Stahi to go over all records and procedures.

-Chick Richards proposed to add Bill Ziegler as an Executive Board Member

Ralph Galatz motioned,  Ben Brown second, passed


-New legs replaced on tree stand

-Containers re-organized/ shelves built

-New course established for3D  graveyard

-New 3D path for Mike Ball’s shoot

-Stairs replaced on front tree stand

-Replaced back stops for upper tree stand

-New duramesh target faces were purchased

In Progress and open for discussion

-Continued coaching for new members

-Bill Ziegler –recheck yardage on stations

-Rebuild stands

-Paint markers

-Hard trim on sides (branches)

-Make list for club assigned duties

-Tim Walker –to organize work party for Senior Games to be held on Friday February 5th

-Tim Fisher -in charge of up keep/organizing workshop

-Range Work-Bill Ziegler/Tim Fisher will organize for range repairs and upkeep

-Sign to be put on Nalle Grade Road /LCA

-Board members hours spent at club, help, etc

-Change by-laws for the Board members

-Number of Board meetings/Quarterly or as needed

-Work party to be scheduled

-Solar gate (one gate) card pass to swipe (back up also accessible) to keep gate closed at all times

Exception on Thursday and Fridays and shoot days

-Cash pay off for Fun Shoot open for discussion

-Have to be there to get payoff.

-How many pay off will be determined by number of attendance

Board Member Duties

-Mike Phillips – Lawn mower operation

-Ralph Galatz – Kitchen duties

-Linda Noviello – Picnic tables and bathrooms clean

-Ben Brown – Teaches Archery Thursday and Saturday

-Chick Richards/Tim Fisher/Bill Ziegler will post list on bulletin board.

-By laws will also be posted on bulletin board

 -Record turnout for 300 and 3D shoot.  WE THANK EVERYONE FOR PARTICIPATING

 Chick Richards motioned to end meeting/Tim Fisher second, Meeting dismissed