Congrats to Erich Fallisch a Lee County Archer For his third place finish in the Men’s division.

Pics below from the Howard Hill Classic 2024.

Per Erich, “3 pretty deer greeted me as I first drove in Friday morning. Had a great time shooting with old friends and new ones. Local Archers John Burt, Alexi Cool and Linda Payne all won Commemorative 20th Anniversary Buckles. The shoot down was intense but lots of fun.  
Chris Savage from Highlands Bowhunters Archery Club grilled venison burgers for Tom Mullaney and me that were super delicious (not the deer in photo). It was great talking to legendary trick shot artist Byron Ferguson and watching his show.
So sad that this is the last Howard Hill Classic. I’m glad I got to participate in it! Thankyou Terry Harris and crew for 20 years of hard work setting up a great traditional 3D archery shoot. “