We all want to wish Club President, Robert Chick Richards a speedy recovery of the torn tendon in his foot. He cannot participate in any activities for a number of weeks as he lets the injury heal.
Mike’s 3D Shoot today 5/19/24, was a good test of skills for all Compound and Traditional archers.
Thanks to all who worked hard in brutally hot conditions to setup a great range. Thanks to Richard Erschik for making sure everyone had a very tasty lunch to enjoy as soon as they finished their competition round!
Also a big Thanks to all who came out today to compete and support Lee County Archers!

Here are a few pics and scores from today.

  • Compound: 1st Mike L – 455
  • Traditional: 1st Wayne Carver – 398
  • Longbow/Wood arrows: 1st John B – 355
Jeremy D. 333
Ari A. 362
Craig B. 267
Jim Fr. 412
Mike L. 455 (1st place)
Preston M. 451 (3rd place)
Mike Ph. 454 (2nd place)
Debbie Ph. 418
Chuck F. 405
Jay H. 424
Theresa 335
David S. 383
Arthur E. 370
Kevin R
Traditional Erich F. 349 (3rd place)
Linda N.. 313
Wayne C. 398 (1st place)
Stephen M. 350 (2nd place)
Ron G. 278
Jim W. 278
Bill Sw. 347
Jordan 183
Phil C. 248
Long Bows – Wood Arrows Bill Z. 320 (2nd place)
John B. 355
Alex C. 256
Tom M. 298
Youth James D. 298
Jayla 358
Click on images below to enlarge and view gallery.