Mike’s Monthly 3D Shoot today at LCA. Great turnout for a challenging 3D shoot. Thanks to all who made this shoot possible. We welcomed Bob Bouchard and crew from Sarasota Archers who visited our club for the first time. Laurie Dougherty and Richard Erschik¬†served up the Chili Cook Out which was enjoyed by all including the pie and ice cream dessert.

Congrats to Trad Archer Phil Clouser whose Chili recipe was voted BEST by our refined group of food tasters. We thank all who came out today and hope you had a great time.


Compound Dan Bozenka 305
Mike Manning 385
Sam Coffin 378
Jay H. 413
Theresa M. 314
John Rowley 264
Mike Phillips 418 (11x)
Ralph Galatz 365
Chuck Fritz
Preson Moore 431
Traditional David Lutsi 364
Jon Coleman 310
Linda N. 278
Bob Bouchard 297
Bob Beehler 309
Tag Field 312
Erich F. 342
Tim Fisher 248
Tim Gross 266
Mike Barkman 308
Rick Manipole 311
Doug Cleary 306
Jim Wilson 249
Stephen Miles 280
Phil Clouser 318
Long Bow Chick R. 290
Tom Mullany 178
John Comito 309

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