Chick Richards called order at 12pm on October 10, 2021

PRESENT:            |
Chick Richards, Mike Ball, Ben Brown,
Jon Coleman, Tim Fisher, Bill Ziegler
Linda Noviello, Erich Fallisch
Scott Richards, Preston Moore
Ralph Galatz

Absent:  Tim Walker, Jerry Bruce, Michael Phillips


  1. New 3d animals and targets
  2. Purchased a second golf cart
  3. New steps on tree stands
  4. New membership badges

Suggestions and discussions

  1. -In regards to work shop building:  when you use a tool please put back in place.
  2. -Children are not allowed in bow room without adult supervision, sign should be posted on door.
  3. -Instructors should reinforce to new students that once teaching sessions are over they must use their own equipment.
  4. -Bow room: bows and arrows are strictly for training use and not available for members to use at will.
  5. -Have a “LCA” sign available to be placed at Nalle Grade Road entrance gate for shoots.
  6. -Archers have requested Tee shirts and LCA logos (vehicle windshield decals)
  7. -Membership dues:  single $120, family $175 or $200  (open for future discussion)
  8. -No one is allowed to shoot at any club competition unless they have registered and paid for the shoot.
    1. They may shoot the competition range after all of the paid archers are finished shooting unless targets are being collected and only by permission of shoot directors.
  9. -A night shoot (thought)
  10. -Snacks and drinks are to be paid for by all members and guests.
  11. -Targets at 20 yard range are being overlapped with other targets.
    Should be removed and disposed of properly.
  12. -Future discussion for April 2022 Shoot to be held at LCA


  1. -Running Total (includes kitchen and shoot monies collected plus membership dues),
    minus (all Club purchases) to date equals $4,410.00
  2. -Checking account $13,000.00
  3. -Motion to accept financial sheet: Linda Noviello, second Preston Moore, and Jon Coleman

Follow up Actions Needed:

  1. New Storage Space
    1. -Preston will inquire on cost of building material to enclose half of the multi-range pavilion and also cost of building a separate shed.
  2. Ben Brown Xmas Shoot
    1. -Ralph will inquire about Tee shirts and food for Ben Browns Xmas shoot.
    2. -Food provided only on Saturday and Sunday,

Discussion on Ben Browns Xmas shoot

  1. -Date:  December 18, 19, 2021
  2. -Adding Friday December 17thfor a novelty shoot
  3. -Close Club to set up for shoot
  4. -Iron Man set up/Jon Coleman and volunteers
  5. -Pay out each day
  6. -No food served on Friday, only Saturday and Sunday
  7. -Volunteers need to set up for shoot

Chick Richards motioned to close meeting
Second:  Scott Richards, Tim Fisher, Preston Moore.  Meeting dismissed.